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Our younger preschool classroom strives to inspire children to navigate through their newfound social skills and the independence that comes with being three years old.  Our philosophy is strongly based on the idea that children learn best with a curriculum that fosters the whole domain from motor skills to cognitive growth and is designed to be both individual and developmentally appropriate.  At three years old, children are learning to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, ask questions, problem-solve and become confident, curious learners.  We support these goals in our classroom by implementing both large and small group learning experiences, supporting new and emerging skills, encouraging language and developing their ability to focus over time and sustain to longer tasks.  We use play-based exploration, communication and fostering positive relationships with peers and educators as the cornerstones of our program along with plenty of outdoor experiences to support strength, coordination and balance.  

Preschool I
Age: 3 years
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